A BIG "THANK YOU" to all of our
Club Construction Volunteers, Helpers & Donators

(Alphabetical Listing : Individuals / Businesses

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Beau Burk
Bert & Pat Lee
Bob Lee
Carol Miller
Chad Lukkasson
Chuck & Sally Stein
Christina Stice
Dale Gilbert
Daryl Johnson
Dean Carnell
Dee Ivie
Delbert and Anita McMurdo
Dennis & Kris Vroman
Derek Wolfley
Don & Dorla Farnes
Don Grubb
Don Hartman & Stacy McLaughlin
Dud & Sis Carnell
Eron Armstrong
Evan Fisher
Frank & Janet Key
Gary Mennenga
Glenn & Amy Sherman
Gordy McManaway
Grady Moore
Harold Hoover
Harold Waddoups

Herb and Mary Allen
Ish and Barbara Scott
Jerry Jacobson
Jim & Shanon Keyes
Jim Catto
John & Janet Anderson
John Adkins & Maria Donnelly
Jon Thomas
Larry & Sue McAuley
Leonard Shipley
Mike & Hether Watson
Mike & Wendy Bullock
Mike Evans
Mike McLaughlin
Nate Norris
Parker Sherman Mayle
Patty Gonzalez
Paul Kettleband
Pete & Marsha Collado
Randy Showalter
Rau Johnston
Ray & Deb Hagley
Ray Stein
Ruben Baldwin
Rick Norris
Roland Brand
Ron & Rita Woodall
Ron Bernard & Wendy Combes
Sandy Beck
Stella Gray
Steve and Barbara Aslett
Tim Mitchell
Tom Wortman
Tyler Wolfley
Willy Cook
Zelda Schwartz


Argus Electric
Burks Excavation
Katco Excavation
Mitchell Masonry
Safeguard Fire & Security
Scott Miley Roofing
Stock Building Supply
Sweet's Septic (David)
Walker Sand & Gravel

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